Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

今日もお友達とキャッチアップのランチでした。お友達のご提案で、Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurantという今年9月にオープンしたお店に行ってみました。ニューヨークが本店だそうで、パンケーキが有名みたいです。たくさんの方たちがパンケーキを召し上がっていました。パンケーキ、わたしも好きですが途中で飽きてしまうので滅多にオーダーしません。デザートにシェアーなら良さそう。

I had another catch up lunch today – with an Italian friend.  She wanted to try Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant, which opend in September this year.  Apparently it’s from New York, they are famoous for their pancakes and we saw many people eating them.  Although I do like pancakes, I cannot eat a lot of them as I get tired of them quickly.  It might be nice to share one with one or two people as a dessert, though.


Today, I had their Fried Chicken Sandwiches.  There were 2 huge pieces of fried chicken between a bun.  There was no way I could eat it all so I took 1 piece out and had it “take away”.



The first few bites were very salty and very strongly flavoured with herb (I think rosemary) but the rest was just nicely salted.  It was also lemony, tender and not greasy at all, I enjoyed it very much.   Their fried potatoes were sadly limp and soggy, though.  The only worry is that the fact that a part of it was so salty, you might get over-seasoned piece….. You just never know here.




My friend had a burger.  She told me it was good but a little less good than the one in Roadhouse in Dempsey.


When my friend walked in front of the place sometime ago around 2.00pm, there was a long queue and the waiting list was for an hour.  Since they don’t take reservations, we decided to go early and I was there a little after 11.30am.  Fortunately at the time there was only one person waiting and a few tables were being cleared up and I got a table in less than 5 minutes.  It was very busy for the whole time while we were there, there  seemed a few people waiting outside most of the time.  When we left around 2.00pm there were a few people waiting outside.  I reckon they are getting a little less busy and you get a good chance of being seated quickly if you get there around 11.30 during the week but it’s just my guess.

I would say the food is good and the service wasn’t bad.  A nice place for a casual lunch.




It was a very casual cafe or more like a coffee shop type rather than a restaurant.  Not a lot of room between tables and it was quite noisy with people talking.  I would say it’s a place where you have a quick lunch and go rather than for a relaxing lunch and linger to enjoy talking to your friends – although we did stay for 2 hours and nobody tried to kick us out.


Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

31 Purvis St, 188608

Tel:6684 4845


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