Meals at the Villa (Marrakesh)


My husband and I stayed in the villa for 4 nights but others stayed for 2 or 3 nights.  2 friends came on the day after the rest of us got there and stayed until the end.  2 friends stayed just for 2 nights, the other 4 friends stayed 3 nights and left on the day before us.

On our 2nd day, 4 friends went out for the day one day, others stayed while 2 joined us from Marrakesh.  On the 3rd day, all of us (except 2 who left on that while we were out) had a day out together to Essaouira.  On the 4th day, 4 friends left in late afternoon but until then we just stayed at the villa relaxing.  On the last evening, just 4 of us were left.  After dinner, we watched “Breakfast at Tiffany” on DVD.  My husband and I were so glad that 2 friends stayed until the end because we would have felt quite lonely if they all left at the same time.

There were 2 maids who cleaned the rooms, made the beds and changed the towels every day so the villa was always clean and comfortable.





The rental included breakfast and we could request lunch and dinner at cost.  At first we thought we may get fed up with eating in the villa all the time specially as the menu was quite small but after we got there the consensus was that it seems a shame to leave such a lovely villa specially  when we know the meals are better there than in restaurants and we would have to decide which restaurant and organise a car, so we ended up having all the meals except when we were out for a day.


Breakfast was basically the same every day.  Orange juice, fruit salad, cereal, yoghurt, tea or coffee, then either Pane Au Chocolat or French Toast.


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We had lunch twice in the villa and both times chose the same things.  It was soup (chicken soup first time and broccoli soup second time), quiche (vegetable) and salad (tomato, lettuce, cheese, once with cucumber and palm heart).  Excellent.




Every evening, we gathered on the rooftop terrace with champagne or wine and chatted until dinner time watching the sun set or looking up the stars after dark.








On the 1st day, we chose a Moroccan dinner.  Starater was 5 Moroccan salads – Moroccan salads are often cooked salads and there are all sorts.  This day, we had carrot salad, courgette salad, beet salad, tomato & green pepper salad and aubergine and tomato salad.  For the main we chose chicken, preserved lemon and olive tagine (meals here were all very good but this chicken was very tough and dry, maybe Moroccan people like their chicken that way).  The side dishes were roast potato and green beans.  I’m not sure if the side dishes were very Moroccan but the roast potatoes were very nice.  The dessert was Pavlova (it was more like meringue with fruits and cream, very sweet…).  After dinner we had mint tea or coffee or English tea.  The pot they were using was one of the pots we saw in a very nice shop near the Majorelle Garden.



2日目のディナーは、前菜はモロッコ風サラダですが前日と違うものをとお願いしました。  ポテトのサラダ、レンティルのサラダ(これはフレンチかもしれませんね)、胡瓜のサラダ、グリーンペッパーとトマトと玉ねぎのサラダ、生のトマトと焼いたグリーンペッパーと玉ねぎのサラダ。メインは、ビーフのタンジア、付け合せはグリーンピース入りのご飯と人参、ズッキーニ、カリフラワー。どれも美味しかったですが、ビーフのタンジアはフードツアーでいただいたものより味が複雑でとても美味しかったです。プリザーブドレモンやサフランが入っているとのことでした。この日はお料理担当の女性にお願いして、前菜の仕上げにスパイスやハーブを加えておられるところを見せていただきました。やはりスパイスはクミンと胡椒が主でしたが、胡瓜のサラダにはタイムが入りました。

We chose Moroccan again for the 2nd day’s dinner.  5 Moroccan salads as a starter – but different ones from the 1st day.  Potato salad, lentil & cheese salad, grilled green pepper & fresh tomato salad, green pepper & tomato salad (cooked) and cucumber salad.  We asked the lady cook to let us watch her finish the salads off and she was happy to do so, as we learned at the cooking class the spice she used was mostly cumin and black pepper but she also used thyme here and there.



On the 3rd day, again, we asked for a Moroccan dinner.  The starter was 2 different kinds of Briwatte, one with cheese filling and the other with vegetable filling.  The one with vegetable tasted just like spring rolls and the sauce was soy sauce base (I think it was mixed with balsamic vinegar and some sugar).  The main was lamb & prune tagine but she also made a small vegetable tagine for me.  The side dishes were couscous and broccoli.  For dessert we made a special request to make some moroccan pastry because one of our friends is a pastry chef and she was interested in Moroccan pastry.   Everything was delicious.



The last evening, we asked for a Western dinner for the first time.  The starter was Cheese Souffle (but it was twice baked type), the main was Chicken Escalope (with mushroom and thyme sauce with some cream).  The side dish was chips and salad. Then dessert was fresh mango.   All very tasty.



The meals at the villa was really excellent, a lot better than what we had in expensive restaurants in Marrakesh.



After dinner, we sat around in the lounge and chatted a little again.  Such lovely memories.



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