Christmas Tree This Year


We did decorate our tree as planned after some trouble.  This year’s colours are red, gold & copper.  My husband wanted red – he likes traditional colours and I don’t but I thought it was time to use red as we haven’t used it for a while.  (The copper and small gold ones don’t seem to show very well on the photos but they are there.)







As I’ve already blogged, my husband ran a half marathon this morning.  After a little rest he went out for lunch (someone from the company is visiting) and we started decorating the tree after he got back.  However, when we checked the tree lights that we bought just yesterday (2 sets), neither of them lit up!  They were fine when he bought them and checked them.  How does this happen?

So he went out to buy some more in the rain (poor him…I did suggest to leave it until next weekend but he didn’t want to).  Then we decorated together.  I didn’t think I would be able to do much after the incident with my back yesterday, but I’m OK with walking, standing around and squatting, only certain movements give me pain.  We finally finished decorating it around 5.30pm!  Glad it’s done.




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