Italian Beef Stew & Dry January Effect


Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Italian style beef stew – this recipe tells you to fry beef and carrots in a skillet for 15 minutes without touching – very unusual.  I don’t know if it’s the result of that or not but it seemed quite oily as you can see, but tasted good.





Today’s cheese board.  The Stilton we bought today was excellent.  We often buy Stilton, and you can get it anywhere these days, but it’s so often over-ripe, too salty, too strong and can smell like ammonia often and sometimes has some strange waxy taste as well. It makes me feel sad to think people outside the UK must think that’s the taste of Stilton, but today’s Stilton tasted very nutty and delicious.



今月はアルコールを飲まない Dry January にしていますが、夫によると主にイギリスで行われているようです。パブからクレームが出ているとか、それはそうでしょうね(笑)。





As I’ve written before, we hare having “Dry January”.  I hear it’s mainly being done in England and pubs are complaining – no wonder.

Neither of us have problem with shaky hands or missing alcohol badly so far 😁but there are times when we miss wine or beer depending on what we are eating.  I have to say I missed wine when we had cheese today – cheese and water just doesn’t work!  So we didn’t eat much cheese – I suppose that’s a good thing for us.

I hear that you are supposed to be able to sleep very well and get more energy when you stop drinking alcohol – that hasn’t happened to us yet.  Actually I don’t expect it to happen to me because I don’t drink as much as it’ll impact me – it may happen to my husband because he does drink quite a lot, although he never drinks as much as he gets tipsy (unless he is out with his colleagues a few times a year).  However there is a big difference that was made since we stopped drinking alcohol – our meal times got much shorter, hence we talk much less with each other.  I don’t think this is such a good change….

Alcohol has it’s benefits – that’s what this Dry January has taught me so far.


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