db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud

今日は、お友達とランチでした。お友達がトライしてみたいとおっしゃった、マリーナベイサンズの db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud.  2人ともヤンキーバーガー。

I had lunch with a friend at “db Bistro & Oyster Bar by Daniel Boulud” in Marina Bay Sands as my friend wanted to try their burger – and I’m always happy to try a burger.


I asked for medium but to me it was more like medium-rare, it was actually quite rare inside.  I don’t mind the rareness but don’t like it being not very warm.  Outside is seared on a grill so some people may find it too burnt – I don’t mind it too much but my friend found it too bitter.  I thought the quality of the beef was good for a burger, not gamey at all.  With tea/coffee after that, it was about S$39 per person.  Considering the place and the name value I guess that is reasonable.



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