We are thinking of going to Sicily for our main holiday this year and as it’ll be in spring I want to start booking hotels and flights but haven’t been able to find appropriate-looking hotels in the right places.  My Italian friend I met for lunch today told me that Sicily doesn’t have a lot of high class hotels except in some particular places.  I suppose we’ll have to just enjoy the sightseeing and food and not expect to be able to enjoy our hotels.  After our experience in Sri Lanka, I’m now reluctant to book “boutique hotels”….  We haven’t had disaster for a while and it was just those 2 hotels in Sri Lanka but it had such an impact on me and I am now frightened of committing to certain hotels.






Today’s dinner was Minestrone.  With Christmas and our holiday in Sri Lanka, we’ve been eating too much so we are trying to adjust by eating light for a while.  Both of us love good food so I don’t know how long this will go on, but it’ll be better than not trying.  I don’t like doing anything drastic, I’m just reducing the total calories maybe by 10% or so – and hoping  it’ll make a difference in a month or so.


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