Day 3 in Sicily / Palermo / Meals


Before leaving for Monreale, we had an early lunch in Palermo.  As we liked the wine bar we’d had dinner at on our first day, we went back there and this time we sat outside.  The roof of the tent-like thing had some colour, so I cannot make the colours of the photos right even though we did edit them with Photoshop Elements.


The Bruschetta they gave us when we sat at a table.



We didn’t want to eat too much so we ordered 2 starters – Cheese & Cured Meat Board and Bruschetta of goat cheese and caramelised onion.  The cheese & Cured Meat Board was very large so we had too much cheese together, but they were good.







Pizzo e Pizzo
Via Dodici Gennaio 1
Tel:091 6014544- 331 8456789



This is not a meal but we had pistachio gelato to share in the cafe in front of Monreale Cathedral and it was very good.




The restaurant we had chosen to go to from the information I had was already fully booked on this evening so we asked the hotel staff to suggest another place and went there near the hotel.  To be honest, we didn’t like what we had here so I’m not going to write which restaurant it was.  I think most of the customers were non-Italian – it says something….


For starter, I ordered Caponata.  It was quite sour, quite sweet and quite oily – very heavy and very strong flavour, too strong for me to be able to eat without something bland like a lot of bread, so I only had a little.




My husband ordered Caprese.  I didn’t think the mozzarella was very good…




This restaurant had mostly fish and seafood, which is expected, I guess, so there weren’t many choices for me.  I ordered homemade pasta with vegetables that they recommended – well, it was again very salty and vegetables were mushy, not much flavour and I couldn’t eat much of this.



I told my husband that in Sicily one of the things he should eat is pasta with sardines, fennel and raisins so he ordered it – but in this restaurant it was short pasta (the same as mine, in fact, almost all the homemade pasta we had in Sicily was like this).  He said it was good but the problem was, it smelled so so strong with sardine.  Not anybody’s fault, if anything it’s my fault not liking it, but I felt a bit sick from the smell from this pasta…



We shared a cannolo, which we enjoyed.




Hotel recommendations often surprise us not in a good way….



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