いつもはスイスの方達と同じようにソーセージや生ハムやサラミなども並べるのですが、今日は少しヘルシーに加工肉はなしにしてサラダを2種類作りました。 1つのサラダは、いつものサラダ。レタス類、トマト、きゅうり、赤パプリカ、玉ねぎ。今日のドレッシングはラズベリービネガーを入れて作ったもの、先日の 残り。もう1つのサラダは、赤いキヌア、イタリアの小さなレンティル、イタリアのファッロをレモン汁とオリーブオイル、塩、胡椒、クミン、コリアンダー (シャンツァイ)と混ぜたものの上にトマトとアボカドをそれぞれ塩、胡椒、レモン汁、オリーブオイルをかけたものをのせました。キヌア、レンティル、 ファッロの食感が面白く美味しかったです。

As we’ve been eating out a lot on our holiday we decided to eat in – although it’s a Friday.  I suggested Raclette – something easy but that makes a change from the Cheese Fondue that we tend to have on a day like today.

We usually have sausages, Parma ham, and salami with this but I thought we’ll go for a little more healthy version and made an extra salad instead.  One salad was my usual one – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red pepper, and onion – but with some added apple today.  The extra salad is quinoa, tiny Italian lentils from Umbria and also farro from Umbria, mixed with salt, pepper, lemon juice, olive oil, cumin and coriander leaves.  Somehow I love cumin in this sort of salad.  I added some tomatoes and avocados as well, both mixed with a little lemon juice, olive oil and salt & pepper.  I love the different textures you get from quinoa, lentil and farro.  We didn’t really miss the usual sausages and ham.














I probably write this every time that we have Raclette, but this machine is unnecessarily powerful.  Even though we kept everything as far away from it as possible, everything got a bit warm – the salads, the water, the wine…  I don’t know why they need to make it so powerful.





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