Chicken Grain Bowl A la Maison

昨日行ったカフェのメニューにもありましたが、このところ Grain Bowl が流行っているようですね。要するに何かしら grain が入ったサラダをボールに入れただけですが、昨日お友達がオーダーしたのは色々入っていて美味しそうだったので、ちょっと真似してみました。

Like what my friend had at the cafe we went to yesterday, Grain Bowls seem very popular recently.  It’s just a different presentation of a salad with some grains, I guess, but the one my friend had yesterday had a lot of different components and looked very good so I made my version of a grain bowl today for dinner.

grain はファッロと赤いキヌア。上に乗せたのは、真ん中にいつものレモン汁とニンニクとオリーブオイルにマリネしたチキンの胸肉、手前真ん中がローストしたオクラ、時計周りにローストしたプチトマト、アボアカド、無花果に蜂蜜とオリーブオイルをかけてローストしたものと夫の分だけゴートチーズも、生ハム、きゅうり、ローストした赤パプリカとニンニク。上からバジルと乾煎りした松の実とアーモンドスライスをパラパラ。ファッロと赤いキヌアはドレッシングで和えてクミンを少し加えてあります。アボカドやきゅうり、チキンには上からレモン汁をかけました。

For the grain, I used a mixture of farro and red quinoa – I mixed some dressing and a little cumin powder to them.  On top, I used chicken breast (my usual favourite one, marinaded in lemon juice, olive oil and garlic then cooked in a frying pan outside then cooked through in the oven), from the middle in the front clockwise, roasted okra, roasted small tomato, avocado, fig roasted with honey and olive oil with goat cheese (just for my husband), Parma Ham, cucumber, roasted red pepper with garlic.  Then some basil, dry-roasted pine nuts and almond slices sprinkled on top.  I squeezed some lemon juice on the chicken, avocado & cucumber as well as some salt and pepper.






結論。サラダはやっぱりお皿に入れる方が食べやすい(笑)。昨日のカフェのボールは底が平かったので食べやすかったかもしれないのですが、今日使った器の形が悪かったです。見た目は良い感じですが、食べにくかった。もっと素材を小さく切れば良かったかもですが。grain bowl ではなくなってしまいますが、多分次回はお皿に盛ります。

My conclusion – I think a plate is much better for a salad like this!  The bowl they used in the cafe yesterday had more of a flat bottom so that probably worked OK, but the ones I used today were not very suitable although it did look very nice.  Next time I will use a plate even though I know it wouldn’t be a grain bowl then..


However, we enjoyed it very much.  It had lots of different texture and taste and we didn’t get tired of it. We liked the texture of the farro and quinoa very much,and having many different components was fun.  I wasn’t sure about the cucumber but it added a lovely crunch.   I gave more chicken and also some goat cheese to my husband so it was probably very filling, even mine was quite filling – but it wasn’t heavy.  Maybe 1 chicken breast (well, maybe strictly speaking half a breast) would have been enough for 2 of us.

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