Homemade Gnocchi With Peas

今日夫が夕食に作ってくれたのは、ニョッキ。Gordon Ramsey のレシピで、じゃがいもをオーブンで1時間ほど焼いてからつぶして、リコッタチーズ(売り切れだったのでクリームチーズを使ったそうですが)や粉や卵と混ぜて形作り、茹でてからオリーブオイルで焼いてグリーンプース、バター、タイムを混ぜてレモンの皮とパルメジャーノチーズを上からかける、というもの。(ビデオもあります)

The dinner my husband made today was “Homemade Gnocchi With Peas” – Gordon Ramsey’s recipe.  (There is also a video.) My husband says the supermarket he went to didn’t have Ricotta cheese (out of stock) so he used cream cheese.  You bake the potatoes for an hour in the oven rather than boiling them.


I often see recipes that use baked potatoes for gnocchi but somehow using the oven for an hour seems unnecessary and I’ve been boiling them.  Boiling also takes an hour so I suppose it’s not that different but somehow I never tired to use baked potatoes.  I thought the gnocchi  tasted quite sweet most likely because the potatoes were baked rather than boiled.  As there is no “sauce” it was much lighter than the traditional gnocchi with sauce and I liked the texture of some crispy bits, too.  It was really good.  I think I’ll try the recipe myself next time when I decide to make gnocchi.



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