Swag (Flower Arrangement Class)


I took a flower arrangement class this week.  It’s only once a month and with my Mum becoming ill etc I missed quite a few lessons this year.  This time, it was for Christmas and you can choose a wreath or a swag – I wanted to take both but I was too late to respond and all the wreath lessons were booked so I made just a swag.


The teacher told us there is nothing difficult to make a swag but I ended up having to make it many times.  I didn’t have much idea what it was supposed to look like and didn’t really get what I was doing wrong to be honest, so in the end I had to have a help from the teacher.  It looks like it takes 5 minutes to put them together!  I had an achey arm on the following two days from holding it up for an hour or so.




I felt it was a little too subdued so added a ribbon.




Well, the shape doesn’t look very good, but I suppose it’s OK.

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