Soup & Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad again.  I made Soup & Salad on Monday this week but I wanted to use avocado that would be going off soon.  The one we had yesterday was very good (we haven’t had really good avocado for a long time) and we still had a couple of them in the fridge.  I would have added mango but sadly I couldn’t find any ripe ones today.


Soup was pumpkin soup; there was some left-over in the fridge that I wanted to use.



Chicken breasts were marinaded and frozen sometime ago.  There were 2 huge pieces so we couldn’t finish it all  – we’ll have what’s left tomorrow for lunch.



Salad dressing is made of balsamic vinegar, grain mustard, honey and olive oil, sweet and thick as I used good balsamic vinegar.  I really enjoyed the creamy avocados.

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