Pumpkin, Chickpea & Coconut Curry

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、Jamie Oliver のパンプキン、ひよこ豆、ココナッツミルクのカレーでした。途中で味見した時に甘みがほしいと思ったので、少しお砂糖を加えてもらいました。美味しく出来たので、レパートリーに入れるそうです☆ 夫の得意料理はお肉の煮込みが多いので、こうしてお野菜料理が加わるのは助かります。(エシャロットやチリをどうずるのかは書かれていません、夫はどちらも適当に刻んで使っていましたし恐らくそうするのだと思いますが、書かれていないのは不親切に思えます。)

The dinner my husband cooked tonight was Jamie Oliver’s “Pumpkin, chickpea & coconut curry”.  When I tasted I thought it needed a little sweetness so I asked him to add some sugar.  It came out very nice (quite spicy, though) so he said he’d be cooking it again.  Most of the recipes he uses are slow-cooked meat so it’s good that he adds some vegetarian (or vegetable heavy) recipes to his repertoire.   (The recipe doesn’t say what you do with shallots and chilli, my husband just chopped both with the seeds of the chilli included and I also guess that’s what you are supposed to do but it should be made clear in the recipe.)




Today is the last day of my husband’s 9 days off.  We didn’t do anything very much but it was great that my husband was able to relax after a long period of stressful time at work.

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