Homemade Pizza


Tonight’s dinner was Pizza.  We cannot eat a whole mozaarella ball (the one that comes in liquid) between two of us so I often use some for a pizza and the rest for Caprese kind of thing next day.  This time I used some for Bruschetta yesterday, keeping some for today’s pizza.


I bake Pizza in a portable Pizza Oven I bought and brought back from Japan and the dough is the type you keep in the fridge so it rises slowly.  Our fridge must be very cold, the dough takes a couple of hours to get to the room temperature and easy to roll, so I take it out 2 hours before I want to use it.


In terms of pizza and noodles, I find the simpler the better so I like Margherita best or Margherita plus some slices of chorizo.  I don’t like putting too much on because it makes it heavy.  Tomato, chorizo, mozzarella, shredded mozzarella, olive oil, salt, pepper and basil for the 1st pizza.  Sauce is also very simple.  All I do is to break tomatoes from a tin and cook it so there isn’t too much moisture, then salt & pepper.  I have even used the tin tomatoes (no juice) without cooking when I forgot to reduce it in the past.


The first one became a triangular shape and was a little burned but it didn’t taste burned and was still delicious.









The 2nd one is half and half – half is the same as the 1st and the other half has blue cheese (Blue Shropshire that I didn’t like very much to eat as it is), honey and walnuts.  (I drizzle honey after baking).




Since I started using the Japanese portable pizza oven, we really don’t feel like ordering a delivery pizza.  Of course my pizza isn’t even close to the real thing in Naples but it is pretty good.  It’s slightly chewy (just the right amount) and soft and the base is nice and crusty.





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