Pasta with Mushroom & Cream Sauce


Today’s dinner was Bruschetta and Pasta with Mushroom & Cream Sauce.


2 pieces of Bruschetta – one was with Parma Ham (that was left-over form a week or so ago) and the other was Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil.  As I don’t like the tomatoes I get here, I marinade them in salt, pepper, sugar, vinegar and olive oil 30 minutes or so before use.








Since we had a starter that included some bread, and the pasta sauce was rich, I cooked less pasta than usual – just 40g per person.  During CNY, when we were shopping for dinner, my husband suggested pasta in cream sauce but I wasn’t feeling well that day and couldn’t face such a rich dish, so I thought I’ll cook it for him today.  I tend to avoid heavy sauce so I haven’t cooked pasta with cream sauce for ages and ages.


The sauce is something I whip up without looking at a recipe.   I had poured hot water over some dried porcini, took the porcini out and sieved the liquid to get rid of any grit when the porcini was soft.  I sauteed minced garlic and a banana shallot in butter and olive oil until they were softened, added about 100ml of white wine and let it reduce to about half.  I then added the liquid the porcini had been soaked in and let it reduce again.  Then I added sliced brown mushrooms and the softened porcini, let it cook until soft, then poured in some cream, added salt and pepper, and let it come to the thickness I liked.  I find pasta in cream sauce in restaurants much too heavy – I like it rich but not too heavy.  The pasta was a little too al dente so I added some water from the pasta cooking and let it cook a little longer than usual.  You can add cooking water if the sauce becomes too thick.  If you like it very rich, you can reduce it well and add some Parmesan cheese (but no salt in this case).  Shame I forgot to buy some parsley


My husband was very happy!








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