Moroccan Meatball Tagine


Today’s dinner was Moroccan.  There was a time when I made Moroccan often and I sort of got tired of it so I hadn’t cooked it for quite a while, but I felt like having it today.


The main dish is Moroccan Meatball Tagine (with eggs poached in the sauce).  The meatballs and the tomato sauce has lots of spices so it tastes quite exotic.  I thought about serving some starter but decided not to and served 2 dishes as side dishes instead.  One is roasted green beans.  I just roasted some green beans with Moroccan spices and olive oil.  Another is mosaic salad.















I made a lot more meatball tagine than we would have for one meal so I can freeze some.  I remember how good they were in sandwiches so I froze some meatballs for sandwiches and froze the rest with the sauce in another freezer bag so my husband can have it while I’m away.







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