Tea/Cofee At House Of AnLi

ランチの後は、タクシーを捕まえるのに困らないタングリンモールに移動し、少し前にランチをした「House of AnLi」のカフェに行ってみました。ランチの場所には12時ごろに着いて少し並んでさくっと食べたので、カフェに着いたのは多分1時過ぎくらいの時間。まだまだランチ中の方達で賑わっていて、お席が空くまで10分程度待ちました。わたしたちが座った頃から空席が出来始めていて帰る3時ごろには随分空いていましたので、多分1時半ごろから空き始めるのではと思います。









I had Earl Grey and It was Mariage Freres, which I liked very much.  I’m quite happy with ordinary Twinings but many of the cafes in Singapore use a certain brand’s which has lavender.  I really don’t like lavender (I don’t mind candles so much) and quite strongly dislike tea with lavender because I find it much too strong.  I wouldn’t choose it if the menu says it’s with lavender but it doesn’t often say so, which is annoying.






It was good to be able to spend the afternoon with her as I won’t be able to see her for a while.  This cafe has lovely decor but sadly it is very noisy (voices seem to get carried far) so it’s not so relaxing to chat here.



House of AnLi
#03-17 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Tel: 6235 3851


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