La Bussola

水曜日から上海に出張していた夫が昨日の夜遅く戻って来たので、今日は土曜日ですが変則的にレストランでのディナーでした。場所は、先日チーズのテイスティングコースで初めて伺った、「La Bussola」に行ってみました。レストランではなくバーなので食事のメニューの品数はあまり多くありませんが、チーズやハム、サラミ系は色々ありました。

My husband was away to Shanghai from Wednesday and got back very late last night, so we couldn’t go out last night and we went out for dinner tonight.  I booked “La Bussola”, which is the place where I attended the cheese tasting course on Wednesday.  It’s not a restaurant but more of a bar with food, so there aren’t a lot of items on their menu other than cold cuts and salami.


We chose this Sicilian wine, it had great aroma and we enjoyed it very much.



They served us Focaccia and Olive Oil.  The olive oil is from Florence – very nice.





Focaccia.  Personally, I think I prefer hard bread to have with cold cuts and cheese, though.



We decided to share a combination of  5 kinds of cheese/cold cuts, Angel Hair aglio olio (with Parma ham, sun dried tomato), stewed pork sausage, pork ribs and cabbage and Semifreddo with caramel for dessert.


The round slices are salami with fennel (I didn’t taste fennel very much), the one closest to you is Mortadella .



The one closest to you is some blue cheese (it tasted very much like Stilton but more creamy, I don’t remember the name of it), the one next to it is Lardo and the one next to it is some sort of hard cheese (again, I don’t rememher the name of it…).  We enjoyed all of it very much.





Aglio olio could have used a little more salt but it was light and nice.



I didn’t like the stew of pork sausage, pork rib and cabbage very much.  The texture was too dry for me and I didn’t enjoy the taste.  My husband finished it for me.



Semifreddo was quite creamy.






The wine we chose was about S$70, I think, we shared a bottle of sparkling bottle and my husband had an espresso  and the total bill was about S$200, which seems good value for Singapore.  On the whole we really enjoyed what we had.  Like I said, this is a bar so there aren’t a lot of items on the menu but we were quite satisfied with what we had.  The staff was very friendly, which made the experience extra enjoyable and we would certainly go back.



La Bussola
5B Portsdown Road
Singapore 139311

Tel: +65 91145087



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