Lunch at Lokal


I’ll be leaving for Japan on a flight after midnight.  Apparently, many people have Flu and cold in Japan right now and my sister has quite a heavy cold.  I have to try not to catch it from her as we are going on a trip to Taiwan soon.

留守にする前の恒例の美容院に行ってきたので、前回美味しかったので近くのカフェ Lokal で終わる頃に夫と待ち合わせてランチをしました。日曜日だからか随分混んでいて、夫は少し並んでくれたそうですし、わたしたちが出るときにも結構並んでいました。

Before I leave Singapore I always have my hair done if I’m away for a week or longer so I did today and met my husband in “Lokal” for lunch after that because we liked the place the last time when we tried.  Maybe because it’s Sunday?  It was very busy and my husband had to queue up for a while before getting a table and there was still a queue when we left.


My husband had a burger with pork – he said it was good.   I don’t know how they make the buns black.  I doubt if it’s squid ink as it wouldn’t go with pork.  What else makes it black?  Charcoal….?




I had a beef burger.  I did take a photo before starting to eat it but the photo was completely out of focus.  Sorry it doesn’t look like as it’s half eaten.  It was very good except that I don’t think the burger was seasoned, once I put salt and pepper it was good.  The other thing was that it was barely warm, I prefer it hotter.  Still, it was enjoyable.  Watermelon juice wasn’t very nice, it was quite watery, I preferred Green Apple juice that I had last time.





My husband had beer.  We didn’t have any tea or coffee and it was a little more than S$70.


The Lokal
136 Neil Rd, 088865

Tel:6423 9918






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