Yakitori / Asuka in Nishinomiya


One of the places my husband and I love to eat at is a Yakitori or a Izakaya restaurant and whenever we are in Japan we try to go to one.  We love sitting at a counter, watching the chefs cook right in front of us in a tiny little place, where often there would be only about 10 seats or less.  You can eat similar food in Singapore but they are much larger restaurants, not so intimate, and quality is not as good.  These small places in Japan use high quality ingredients and they know what to do with them.


On the Sunday when we were in Japan, my sister’s husband drove us to Osaka so we can see plum blossoms, then we went back to our hotel once after lunch and in the evening my husband, my sister, her husband and my brother went to a tiny yakitori place in Nishinomiya.  When my Mum was relatively well (I guess probably 10 years ago or so) we have been there with her a few times as my Mum loved yakitori.


This time we were 5 of us so we ordered many different dishes.  There were many that looked similar so I’m not going upload all of the things we ate but here are some of them.  As well as “yakitori (barbecued skewered chicken)”, we had fava beans (barbecued in their skin), ginko nuts (in their shells), barbecued fried tofu, barbecued Camembert cheese, Japanese congee, ramen etc etc.  Everything was delicious! It’s of many little places we have all over Japan but there isn’t anywhere close to this in Singapore and  I so wish we had such a restaurant here.

it was about 5,000 yen per person including beer and chuhai.  There is a sumiyaki place where they use special ingredients in Singapore, too, but it cost more than double and I don’t think it’s as good as this place and I don’t feel it’s a sort of food you want to pay that much.
2-5 Kōshien Hachibanchō
Hyōgo-ken 663-8178
Tel: 0798-42-0200

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