Handmade Pasta – Spinach Pici

今日の夕食は、イタリアのトスカーナやウンブリアの手打ちパスタ、ピチを夫と作りました。ピチは基本的には卵が入らない粉とお水だけで作るパスタ。使ったレシピは、Jamie Oliver のほうれん草入りピチのレシピ。手打ちパスタにほうれん草を入れてグリーンにするのは良く見かけますが、普通はほうれん草を茹でて水を切り粉や卵と前て生地にすると思います。Jamie Oliverのレシピはサラダ用のほうれん草を生のまま加えることでほうれん草から出る水分だけで生地をつくるもので、水分が足りるのかしらと思っていましたが丁度良い加減に出来ました。ほうれん草を茹でて加えるレシピよりしっかりグリーンになる気がします。

My husband decided to make Pici for tonight’s dinner and wanted me to work with him, so we made it together.  Pici is simple pasta basically made with just flour and water in Umbria and Tuscany.  We used Jamie Oliver’s recipe “Spinach Pici”.  I think usually you cook spinach, squeeze out the water, then add it with flour and often egg, or maybe water, but his way is to use raw salad spinach.  You just chuck spinach and flour (’00’ flour) in a food processor and process it together until it becomes a ball of dough.  We wondered if the moisture from the spinach would be enough to make this work but it was.  I also thought it makes it a more beautiful green than the usual method.


As there isn’t a lot of moisture you do need to mix it with spatula or something a few times to help the processor out but the dough came out a lovely colour and just right texture.





You pull out about 2 cm ball of the dough and roll it to make something that looks like a thin green beans.  They all look different from each other but that is OK.



Pasta was quite chewy and bouncy in a good way, courgette was crispy, tomato added some sweetness and a little acidity.  A little spicy from chilli flakes, too.  It was very nice and we enjoyed it very much.






Every time when we make pasta, it always surprises us pleasantly that you can make something delicious from just flour and water (and egg maybe), seems like magic.






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