Lunch at Nam Nam & Concert


The 4-day-weekend is now gone and it’s the 1st of May today.  It feels like it was end of February just the other day….

今日はオーチャードに出る用事があったので、Nam Nam でランチをしました。今日は麺類はなしで、夫が大好きなバーンミー(ポークとクリームチーズのサンドイッチのクリームチーズ抜きが美味しかったです)2種類と揚げ春巻き(写真撮り忘れ)。

We needed to go to Orchard today so we had lunch at Nam Nam.  We usually get some sort of noodles as well as sandwiches but today we had 2 different sandwiches and shared half each.  The one with pork (and cream cheese but asked them not to add cream cheese) was very good.  We also had deep-fried Vietnamese spring rolls but I forgot to take a photo.




Nam Nam
501 Orchard Road
#B2-02, Wheelock Place
Wheelock Place, 238880



Fung Lam – Quintessence (Singapore premiere, HK Phil commission)
Mozart – Violin Concerto No. 4
Mahler – Symphony No. 1


In the evening, we went to the Hong Kong Phlharmonic Orchestra concert – they are on an Asian tour – the music they played are the three works listed above.  We used to go to their concerts very often when we lived in Hong Kong.






Like almost every time when I go to any concert, I nodded off a little in the beginning.  How come I cannot sleep on a night flight but get so sleepy as soon as they start playing music at a concert?




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