Cumin Scented Tomato Soup & Beet, Lentil & Goat Cheese Salad


Today’s dinner was Soup & Salad.


Soup was “Cumin flavoured tomato soup” that I made extra and froze sometime ago.  It’s such an easy recipe but so tasty and I imagine good for you as well.




Salad was Beets, Lentil & Goat Cheese Salad.  First I made a bed of salad leaves including rocket leaves, sprinkled some salt, pepper and lemon juice.  Then I cooked lentils, drained, added some pomegranate syrup, white vinegar, salt, pepper and a little olive oil and sprinkled all over the salad leaves.  I cut and flavoured baby beets (bought already cooked and shrink packed) with pomegranate syrup, white vinegar, salt, pepper and a little olive oil and put them here and there and also sprinkled dry-roasted walnuts all over.  Finally, I grilled goat cheese and added it here and there.

レンティルはイタリアのお友達にいただいたCastelluccio というところの良質なレンティルで、食感がとても良くナッティーで美味しいです。ゴートチーズは、Selles-sur-Cher。今日は入れませんでしたが、アボカドを入れるともっと色もきれいでねっとりとした食感が加わってさらに美味しくなると思いますが、これでも十分美味しかったです。

Lentil is from Castelluccio – high quality – that my Italian friend gave me, it has such nice texture and tastes very nutty.  Goat cheese was Slles-sur-Cher.  I didn’t use any today but avocado would have added more colour and the creamy texture.  It was good without, too, though.


My husband told me that the prices of avocado is double of usual because of the shortage of the crop in main avocado growing places like Mexico and California.  As avocado toast became so popular and avocados themselves are more popular than ever as they are supposed to be good for you the demand is getting higher so the prices would naturally go high.  Apparently tthere were even avocado thefts in New Zealand during last year’s shortage.



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