Handmade Card


I think May and June are the hottest time in Singapore. It’s always hot here but it’s become specially hot at this time.  Aircon doesn’t work very strongly in our place, specially the Study and our bedroom.  It’s been on on the max setting but the temperature doesn’t go below 26C.  I cannot wait to go away next week.  I’ll probably be complaining it’s too cold in Scotland, but better than being too hot.


Two people came to make cards today.  It was the 3rd time for one of them and she made 4 of the same cards she made last time (the cards on the last photo) .  She brought her friend, who hasn’t made cards before and she made these 2 cards that you paint with watercolour (using watercolour pencils this time).




While we were chatting, we found a mutual friend.  Apparently they had a meal yesterday with her.  Such a small world.

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