Edinburgh – A Beautiful City We Love


Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since the 15th century, and Edinburgh Castle is looming over the city with its medieval Old Town and elegant Georgian New Town,  both of which are inscribed as World Heritage Sites. I feel it’s such a shame that not many Japanese know this place – so much so that many of my friends asked me when I told them we were going to Scotland, “Umm.. Scotland… what sort of a place is it??”


We had a week in the house near Edinburgh and we visited Edinburgh twice from there.  One trip was on our 2nd day to take a photo walk after lunch. The photo walk lasted 3 hours  and it was a very hot day so by the time we finished the walk I was very tired.  We sat and had a cold drink in a cafe then headed home.  Another time was the day after my husband’s brother and his wife joined us.  They visited a few Galleries.  My husband and I had lunch, then did some shopping as we hadn’t had a chance to do much shopping, then visited National Galleries of Scotland, then went home.

We didn’t have a lot of time to take photos other than the actual photo walk but I did take a few.  I think it’s really a beautiful city.





































As it’s such a beautiful place and people seem so friendly, both my husband and I love this city.  My husband even suggested that we live in Edinburgh after we retire.  I said to him, “It is really nice here but it’s summer now, I think we won’t be so happy during the long wet and cold winter.  Also it’s not easy to see our friends and families…”  My husband agreed.  It would be lovely to rent a serviced apartment and live for a month when the weather is nice, though.  I must say, though, that there are so many places we’d love to stay for about a month pretending we live there.


As our retirement isn’t so far away now, we do talk where we should live very often these days.











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