The Nutty Bird At Nassim Hil Bakery

昨日は、土曜日によく行く Nassim Hill Bakery でランチをしました。わたしはほぼ毎回サンドイッチですが、昨日は先週行ったときに夫がオーダーして美味しそうだった「The Nutty Bird」というサラダにしてみました。先日真似て家で作ったあのサラダの元になったものです。なかなか美味しかったですが、ドレッシングに生のガーリックがたっぷりなので1日ガーリック臭いのと、ドレッシングというよりディップみたいな濃さなのでちょこっとのせて一部だけに混ぜることになり、全体にドライな感じ。何かしらジューシーな素材が入っていると更に美味しいような気がします。タンパク質も入っていてヘルシーな感じが良いです。

Yesterday, we had lunch at Nassim Hill Bakery as we often do on Saturdays.  I almost always order a sandwich but I ordered their new menu “The Nutty Bird’ (salad) yesterday as it looked good when my husband had it last week.  It was quite good.  I think it would be nicer, though, if they made the dressing less thick and less garlicky as I could taste garlic all day long.  It’s also quite dry, maybe something juicy would be a nice addition.  (I tried to recreate it at home the other day, I think it was quite a good recreation of it, maybe slightly better with chicken cooked at home.)





My husband had Spicy Egg Benedict.  I like this one, too, but it’s a bit too heavy with 2 eggs for me.  We recommend you to get rid of the chopped fresh red cilli you see on top of the eggs unless you love very spicy food.  Just the sausages is spicy enough for us.







Nassim Hill
56 Tanglin Road
Tanglin Post Office #01-03

Tel: 6835-1128





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