The Maldives 8 – Italian (Four Seasons at Landaa Giraavaru)


For our 3rd dinner in the Maldives, we went to the resorts’s Italian restaurant.


My husband had Caprese but it looks like I forgot to take a photo.  I remember my husband saying the tomatoes weren’t very good.   I had Tomato Bruschetta.  I wouldn’t call this Bruschetta but the crispy baguette melba toast were quite nice.  Tomatoes weren’t very tasty, though.




For the main, I ordered very plain spaghetti tomato sauce.  The basil on top looks old and dirty…  I guess with such climate they don’t last long.  Tomato sauce was just so so.  The pasta was cooked right – not too soggy, not too hard – but it wasn’t hot.  I don’t know why.  Pasta isn’t nice when it’s not hot but I didn’t want to ask them to cook again because we waited for quite a long time and I didn’t want to wait again.




My husband had lasagne and I think he said it was very good.




We ordered 2 dessert and shared.  This is Pistachio nougat glace, it was so so.


もう1つ、アイスクリームもオーダー。3種類選べるというので、ベトナムコーヒー、ピーカンナッツとなんとか、TOBLERONE のアイスにしましたが、あっという間にどんどん溶けてしまい、ベトナムコーヒーの味が強くて全体がコーヒー味。

The other dessert was ice cream.  We were to choose 3 flavours and we chose Vietnamese coffee, Pecan & something and Toblerone.  By the time it was my turn to have it they’d melted quite a lot and all I could taste was the coffee flovour.




So, all in all, it was sort of OK.  Probably seafood would be better considering the location.





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