Flower Class – Christmas Table Flower


Today, I took my 3rd flower lesson this month.  We are leaving for Japan after midnight today so we’ll waste the flowers but I decided to take it because it’s the type of arrangement that I’ve been wanting to learn how to make.


The usual lessen for me is a large bouquet (Champetre) and it takes me about an hour including the preparation of each flower/foliage but today it took 3 hours from 11.00 until 14.00 without a break!  However, I enjoyed it very much because I just love learning something new.


I wasn’t able to take a good photo to show the overall look but it has 3 elements, one is a swag in the middle, then a small bouquet with foliage around it and another small glass of 3 peonies.  You can place the 2 arrangements where you like.
















First we made this “arrangement”.  When we finished making this, the instructor said “now we can start the main part” and we all said “Oh, I thought this was it.”  We made a swag to put in the middle of a table (or you can hang it up somewhere.  Although it took a long time to complete them, I had fun making them and as I say I just love learning something new.









I love how it looks.  Unless you know how it’s hard to guess how to make it.  I’m very glad that I took the lesson even though we’ll waste the flowers.


We are leaving a few hours after we have dinner, so my husband and I can enjoy it just during one dinner.  By the time we come back, the flowers would have gone but the rest will still be enjoyable as they’ll dry green.  Japanese people put down Christmas decorations on the 25th but we enjoy them until the 6th of January like they do in the UK, so we’ll have a week to enjoy it.










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