Holiday In Japan


It’s already been a few days since Christmas, how was your Christmas?  For Japanese, I guess it’s not so special unless they have small children.  In the last 5 or 6 years, we’ve spent our Christmas in beach resorts in Thailand or Sri Lanka but this year we were in Fukuoka Japan and it felt a little more Christmassey than in a beach resort.


I didn’t update my blog while I was away, somehow this has often been the case recently, I don’t know why but I feel too lazy when I cannot use my big PC.


We stayed in Fukuoka for 2 nights, Yufuin for 2 nights, then back to Fukuoka for 1 night before coming back on a early morning flight to Singapore today.  It wasn’t so bad in Fukuoka but it got colder on the day when we went to Yufuin.  Yufuin is colder than Fukuoka anyway but the weather changed and also we were staying in a ryokan. I find western style hotels are very warm, sometimes too warm even in winter, but Japanese ryokans tend to be much colder.


I’ll write more about the trip soon.


This is the Christmas tree in Hotel Okura in Fukuoka, where we stayed.  Our room was quite small but the staff were very kind and helpful.


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