Happy New Year!


Only a few hours left this year and soon a new year will come in.  Last year I lost my mother and I myself had a big operation and it wasn’t such a great year for me but this year has been uneventful for both my husband and I, which I am grateful for.  Some friends left Singapore but I made many new friends, too, and had a lot of lovely times together.


When you are at our age, you have a lot of incidents that remind you how wonderful and how not normal it is to have ‘uneventful’ days in a good way.  I am very thankful that my husband and I are here smiling with each other to see the new year in and I pray that 2018 will be another peaceful year for us.  I also pray that 2018 will be peaceful and full of smiles for all our families, our friends and their families.


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