Omochi (Rice Cake)


Happy New Year!


There is a traditional Japanese New Year food called Osechi that people cook (or some people buy it these days), which comes in a few boxes filled with lots of different food, but I’ve never made it or even bought it as my husband wouldn’t enjoy it and I don’t like most of it (as lots of it is seafood), but I did used to cook Soba noodles on New Years Eve and Zoni (miso soup with mochi in) on the 1st January.  I stopped doing that when we moved to Hong Kong and the only thing we do now that is traditionally Japanese on the 1st January is eating mochi (rice cake).  This year we bought a bagful of fresh mochi in Fukuoka, which are much nicer than what we used to buy in a supermarket here – but much larger size, so having 4 for each of us was a bit too much.








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  1. Tofu says:

    Happy New Year!! Looks delicious!!

    1. spiceynoodle says:

      Happy New Year! Thank you for your comment.

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