Day 3 In Japan / Ryokan Dinner



Traditionally, you have your meals in your own room in ryokan but recently many ryokan serve meals in a large room often divided for each group.  Many Japanese prefer having their meals in their rooms, I think, because you feel more pampered but my husband and I prefer eating in a dining room like this ryokan’s way.  As it means the staff have to bring dishes from the kitchen to your room, and there are so many dishes this means multile trips so it takes even longer to finish the meal if you have it in your room, which we find tiring.


Musouen was very kind and dealt with my dietary problem well.  I’ve had some bad experiences with many ryokan in the past but here they were very generous.  I also asked them to serve us less food but I don’t think that request is ever taken for serious consideration – they feel too much is better than not enough and they tend to give you double of what an ordinary person would eat!  The photos are not everything we had, I don’t think.  The only problem for me was the chicken, which was really really chickeny.  Even my husband wasn’t able to eat it.  I guess to some it has strong chicken flavour and they like it but to us it was just too gamy.  Still, I had plenty (or too much) of food even without chicken dishes.















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