India Trip Day 1 / Lunch At Leopold (Our First Meal In India)

ホテルにチェックイン後、ちょっとドキドキしながらホテルから歩いて5分程度のところにある「Leopold Cafe」というカフェにランチに出かけました。カジュアルな老舗の有名なカフェで、外国人のお客さんが多いので2008年の同時テロで最初に狙われたところです。(因みに宿泊したタージマハールホテルも、同じときに襲撃されたところなのです。)Googlemapを使って、多分1時半ごろだったと思いますが無事に辿り着き、混んではいましたが待たずに入ることが出来ました。上の階はクーラーが入っているそうですが、わたしたちは下の階のクーラーなし。でも、湿気がシンガポールより低くそれほど暑くなかったです。アメリカ人女性お2人と相席でした。外国人のお客さんが多いですが現地の方もおられましたし、ローカルな雰囲気で面白かったです。

After checking into the hotel, we went out for lunch to “Leopold Cafe”, feeling excited and a little nervous.  Leopold Cafe is a very famous casual cafe that has been around since 1871.  It was attacked by terrorists in 2008 (as well as Taj Mahal Hotel).  We got there with Googlemap without a problem after about 5 minutes or so of walking, I guess it was around 1.30pm.  It was very busy but we didn’t have to queue, we were able to get straight to a table – that we shared with a couple of American ladies.  They have an upstairs room, where they have aircon, but it was just fans on the ground floor.  It wasn’t too hot even for me as it wasn’t as humid as in Singapore.  The decor is very retro and had a nice local vibe although their customers are mostly visitors, I guess.


It’s on a street, where lots of stalls are, so full of people.



By the time we left the cafe, there was quite a long queue.










I think we ordered Vegetable Biriyani and Paneer Curry, which was very good although quite spicy.  We also ordered beer, which came with lots of peanuts.  We enjoyed both the atmosphere and the food.











Leopold Cafe
Shahid Bhagat Singh Road
Opp. Police Station, Colaba
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400001, India
Tel:+91 22 2282 8185


この後3時ごろにホテルに戻って、ムンバイのガイドさん(女性)と待ち合わせ、夕方まで出かけました。何をしたんだったかと写真を見ましたが、この日はランチの写真が最後なのであまりよく思い出せませんが。。。旅行に出た前日に夫が iPhone を落としてしまい画面が割れてしまったので、修理ができるかもと iPhone を売っているお店に連れて行ってもらい、別のお店で SIM Card を購入し(インドではセキュリティーが厳しくなっていて本人確認のためのパスポートサイズの写真が2枚必要でした、事前に分かっていたのでそれは問題なかったのですが結局数日使えるようにならず何度もお店に通い、やっとわたしのSIM Card は使えるようになったのですが夫のものは使えず、ホテルで助けてもらったところお金が入っていないとのことで時間もなかったので補充することで使えるようになりました)、その後ぐるっと車でムンバイを走っててから数件洋服などのお店を見て回ったのだったと思います。


After the lunch we went back to our hotel and met our guide in Mumbai at the lobby, and went out in a car.  I didn’t find any photos I took this day after lunch so it’s hard to remember what we did…  My husband dropped his new iPhone on the day before we left for India and the screen cracked so he wanted to have it repaired.  We tried a couple of places but it would have taken a week so we had to give up.  We then bought SIM Cars for both of us in a little shop but this turned out to be a nightmare as we had to keep going back to the shop trying to make them work.  Eventually after a couple of days mine worked but my husband’s still didn’t and we asked our hotel for a help, which found out that his SIM Card had no deposit paid even though we did pay.  After adding some money he was finally able to use it.)  We then drove a little in Mumbai to get a feel of the place and looked at a couple of clothe shops before going back to the hotel.


As we hadn’t decided where to have dinner this day, we decided to have a high tea at our hotel – I’ll blog it tomorrow.

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