Jamie’s Italian

インドからシンガポールに戻った土曜日の夕食は、フォーラムの Jamie’s Italian に行きました。前日に「明日、夕食どうする?」ということになり、作る気分ではないだろうということでその日夕食をしていたデリーのレストランで夫が携帯で予約を入れてくれました。レストランが広いので、前日でも大抵予約を入れることができますし、オンラインで予約が出来て便利、味もまぁまぁで比較的安定しているということで、急に出かけるときによく利用します。

On the last Saturday when we got back from India, we went to “Jamie’s Italian” in Forum for dinner.  On the day before that, we were having dinner at a posh restaurant in Delhi and were trying to decide what to do with dinner when we arrived back.  Neither of us wanted to cook so my husband made a reservation at this place on his iPhone.  This restaurant is quite large so we can usually book on the day before and they take online booking, which is convenient.  Their food is OK and relatively stable so we tend to use them quite often when we decide to go out just the day before or even on the day.


We shared a vegetable plank as a starter.



Then Pizza Margherita.



Then Fondant Chocolat.  All shared between the two of us.




Although we were feeling a little tired when we went out, by the time we finished eating, we were feeling pretty much “normal”.


Jamie’s Italian
583 Orchard Road
#01-01/04 Forum Shopping Mall
Singapore 23884

Tel: 66557676







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