Black Bean Soup & Goat Cheese Salad


I guess it’s similar in Japan after New Years but there doesn’t seem to be much vegetables or fruits in supermarket after Chinese New Year at the moment.  When we moved from Japan to Hong Kong, supermarkets used to close for a couple of days, I think, but now many of them don’t close or close only one day during Chinese New Year, which is great, but I forget that they run out of many things.  As we were away until Saturday, I should have been prepared more but it slipped my mind.


The food in India was in general good and we didn’t get to the stage when we felt “I don’t want to see curry any more”.  We did eat things like sandwiches and pizza now and again, which helped, I think.  However, we didn’t eat a large quantity of salads or a lot of simple foods so that’s what I feel like eating right now.  I usually crave for something like Thai food when we come back from holiday but I guess because Indian food is often spicy and we did have something similar to Thai food in Delhi I feel different.  Well, I did have Thai at lunch today, though….


Anyway, I decided to make Soup and Salad today.


The soup was Black Bean Soup. I made a large batch last time and froze some, so I defrosted a pack of it for today.




Salad was Goat Cheese salad that my husband loves.  Goat cheese was sliced, breaded and deep-fried.  I would have liked to use some sweet ripe western pear but they weren’t available so I used some grapes.  I find these “Cotton Candy Grapes” nice and sweet.  Other ingredients are lettuce leaves, red pepper and dry-roasted sliced almonds.  There was some left-over salad dressing from last night so I just added some pomegranate syrup.





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