Chorizo, Potato & Poached Egg Hot Salad With Balsamic Dressing


Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in many places in Tokyo, I see many of my friends are uploading pictures of them on Instagram.  They just started to bloom in Kansai, so I guess it won’t be in full bloom for a few days yet there.  I love cherry blossoms in Japan, they are really special to Japanese and the older I get the more I appreciate them.  I’m hoping I can be in Japan this time of year next year to view them.


It’s also the time many Japanese people move and one of my closest friends is moving back to Japan very soon, which is very sad.  However, it looks like she is the only friend moving this time, another friend we thought was likely to be moved is staying.  It really affects me when a few friends leave at the same time.


Tonight’s dinner was Hot Salad Of Chorizo & Potato. I put hot chorizo, potato, onion & pepper (recent addition) on a cold bed of crisp salad leaves.  I used to cook potato in a frying pan but I roasted it in the oven last time and it was easier so that’s what I did today.   I also roasted red pepper at the same time, but sauteed onion and chorizo in a frying pan as they’ll probably burn if I add them to the rest. I put all the cooked vegetables and chorizo on lettuce, add some poached eggs and pour some expensive balsamic vinegar in the hot pan, let it bubble and poor it over as a dressing.  It was very good, but the only thing is that chorizo I can get in Singapore is quite chewy.

以前からポーチドエッグを作るのが下手で困っていましたが、前回 Nigela Lawson Turkish Egg で使っているポーチドエッグの作り方で作ってみたら上手く行き、今日も上手くきれいに出来ました!

I could never make poached eggs very well until the last time when I tried Nigella Lawson’s method, which works well for me.  They came out very nicely shaped.




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