Chicken In Vinegar



Today’s dinner was Chicken In Vinegar.  You sautee seasoned chicken thigh pieces with some garlic cloves, add vinegar and let it evaporate before adding white wine, tomato, and sugar then letting it cook slowly until the chicken is tender.  Then you add cream to make the sauce.  I usually use fresh tarragon, which is so nice for this dish.  We are fortunate that many ordinary supermarkets usually have fresh tarragon. When I couldn’t find it I have used dill instead.  Fresh herb makes all the difference, I think.  As you let the vinegar evaporate it has just a nice amount of acidity to cut the richness of the cream sauce. I feel the sauce goes very well with rice so I always serve it with rice.  The recipe is here but only in Japanese (but there are photos).

The original recipe tells you to slowly cook it for 45 minutes but the chicken thigh here tends to be very thin, I guess they open it up in half the thickness, so I cook it only for 15 to 20 minutes.  I then need to reduce the sauce for a little while to make it thick enough.





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