Jamie’s Italian

祝日でお休みだった昨日、夕食はそんな日によく行くフォーラムの Jamie’s Italian に行きました。

It was a public holiday yesterday and neither of us wanted to cook so we went to Jamie’s Italian – we often go there on a public holiday, I think…


For a starter, we shared Arancino.  They were nice and crispy, we enjoyed them. It was pumpkin Arancino.  We’ve ordered Arancino a few times before and I remember it was mushroom once and green peas another time.  Sometimes they are not crispy enough but these were yesterday.


次にピッツァをシェアー。 Tuscan にしました。ソースが多すぎて味が濃すぎますが、いつもよりしっかり焼かれていてカリッとしていたので美味しくいただけました。

Then we shared a pizza “the Tuscan”.  Too much sauce, too salty, to my taste but it was more crispy than it usually is so we enjoyed it, too.



We then shared a dessert, Fondant Chocolat, and it was good also.



We had a bottle of sparkling water and a carafe of red wine and the bill was S$143.  It’s almost always Around S$140 for 2 of us.  We waited for quite a while for the pizza but they came to tell me it would come in a few minutes when we were wondering.  I think their staff is always smiley and friendly.  Although I wouldn’t say their food is fantastic, it’s not bad and relatively consistent.


My husband is away on business again.  He used to travel a lot in Japan and Hong Kong and he travels a lot less now but now and again his business trips seem to come one after another.  He’s been away for a few days every week for 3 weeks this month.  There have been some incidents happening that mean I really don’t want him to be away right now, but of course that’s when he has to go away.  It often is that way in life…

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