The Last Meal In Ceylon Tea Trails


The dinner on our 3rd day at Ceylon Tea Trails.  I guess I didn’t use high enough ISO, the photos I took were not focused at all, specially the main dish.  The photo of the main dish I took with my iPhone was very slightly better….


Starter was Caprese but the tomatoes were tasteless and there was no basil…



Pumpkin Soup, I think…



Pork chop with pineapple sauce.  The pork was nice and tender and the sauce and the vegetables were also nice.



So, this is all about our trip to Ceylon Tea Trails.  There was nowhere to go to so all we bought was tea.


As I wrote yesterday, we felt we wanted to stay one more night.  If you take a seaplane from and to Colombo maybe 3 nights is enough but when you drive for 3.5 hours you just have 2 full days.  If we had one more day, we would have liked to take a train to Kandy or Nuwaraeria and enjoy the beautiful view.  Still, we enjoyed relaxing a whole day with the beautiful view and cooking class.  In terms of the food, I thought their western cooking was more impressive (when you consider it’s in Sri Lanka) than Sri Lankan curries.

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