Shabu Shabu


It’s a public holiday today.  My husband was working on the last public holiday but he did have a day off today.  We were saying how we hadn’t had Shabu Shabu for a long time and we decided to have it today.  We have hot pot now and again but I usually make chicken balls.  We went to Meidi-ya to get the ingredients including beef and pork.  Pork was from Kagoshima, Japan, but it was very dry and not so enjoyable.  I don’t eat a lot of meat anyway, though, when we have hot pot or Sukiyaki, I tend to eat a lot more vegetable and tofu rather than meat.  I found frozen tofu from Taiwan so I bought it online but it wasn’t nice at all, it was too spongy.  I should have frozen ordinary tofu and used it instead.









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