Mustard – Indian In Little India


We went to “Mustard” in Little India for dinner today.  It looked fully booked and many walk-in customers were turned away.  They had new table runners and napkins today.


We ordered samosa, Chicken Tikka, Roasted Cauliflower (quite spicy), Butter Chicken, steamed white rice and naan.  Maybe a little less than we usually order but it was just the right amount, and we finished almost everything.  We would have liked one more dish but we thought we would be leaving quite a lot so we didn’t.  2 bottles of King Fisher.





We were both very full and it was S88.  Indian food is in general inexpensive and delicious, the only problem is it’s high in calories.


If someone asks me what is good to eat in Singapore, my answer is Indian, it’s inexpensive as well.  I don’t know if this place is particularly good or not, I have a feeling most places are good here, even food courts serve good Indian food.  Actually I have a feeling that those no-frill places may serve even better food (more spicy) but I don’t want to go to that sort of place with my husband on a Friday evening.  Considering the taste, atmosphere (very casual but not like a canteen) & price, this is a good one, I believe.

32 Race Course Road,
Singapore- 218552

Tel: +65 62978422

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