Banana Leaf Apolo

お友達お2人とランチをご一緒することになり、さて、どこに行きましょう、と悩みました。シンガポールのレストラン、1度行って美味しいと思っても2度目はあまり美味しくない、ということろがとても多いので、「noodleさんのオススメのお店に行きたい」と言われると本当に困ります。お友達と普段会うのに Jaan というわけにもいきませんし、南蛮亭や大阪キッチンも、ねぇ。。。

I had lunch arranged with 2 friends but we couldn’t decide where to go for a long time.  As I often write in my blog, I haven’t found many restaurants that are consistently good in Singapore so I don’t like to recommend any particular restaurants worrying that when we go or when she or he goes it’s not good, you just never know.  I like Jaan but it’s not a type of a restaurant to go to with friends for an ordinary lunch and Nanbantei & Osaka Kitchen don’t seem suitable for girls’ lunch either.

シンガポールで一番外れないのはインド料理かな、ということで、リトルインディアの Banana Leaf Apolo に行ってみました。シンガポールのインド料理、高級なところより安いところの方が美味しいというイメージ。かといって、あまりローカルのところもね、でも、毎回 Mustard に行くのもね、ということで、適度にローカルっぽい Banana Leaf Apolo に久しぶりに行ってみました。Banana Leaf Apolo にはシンガポールに来てすぐの頃に妹が遊びに来てくれた時お友達が遊びに来てくれたときに合わせて2度行って以来でした。

I think Indian is one cuisine that is consistently good in Singapore, so we decided to have Indian.  We chose Banana Leaf Apolo in Little India this time.  I think in general cheaper local looking Indian restaurants are better than posh ones here but we didn’t want to go somewhere that is “too local”.  I like Mustard but I’ve been there with them before so we tried Banana Leaf Apolo.  I was there twice, once when my sister came and once when a friend came, both in my 1st year in Singapore.


You put curry on a piece of banana leaf that is on a plastic tray.  When I first went there with my sister we didn’t do anything to it but when I was there with a friend we wiped the banana leaf and found it was quite dirty.  It is only dust really but when you know it’s dusty…  so we wiped it today.




Papadom.  I guess these were microwaved version as they weren’t oily at all.



We started with vegetable samosa.  Sadly, this was the worst samosas I’ve had in my life and I’ve had samosas in uncountable restaurants.  I don’t know if it is but to me it tasted like it was in a freezer too long, you know the taste you get.  This restaurant is very busy so I doubt if anything stays in a freezer too long but maybe not many people order samosas?  Anyway, other dishes were good.




We had Okra curry, vegetable curry (carrots, paneer, potato etc), Butter Chicken.  We first ordered Vegetable curry and Butter Chicken but the staff told us he didn’t think it was enough so we added Okra curry.  We ended up leaving quite a lot behind so I think just 2 would have been enough.



You also get given 2 kinds of curry on the side (I think they change every day and they are always vegetarian) that a guy comes and drops from 2 buckets he carries.  One was cabbage and the other was bitter gourd.  I remember I had an aubergine one once and that was really good.



When we got there it wasn’t busy but it looked to be nearly full in 20 minutes or so and some people were queuing at one point.  It looked like there were some local people but mostly visitors.  It’s quite a large restaurant so there were quite a few large groups of visitors, too.




ライムソーダ1杯ずついただいて3人で83ドル、1人約28ドルずつでした。こんな食堂のようなところなので思っていたより高いかなと思ったのですが、調べてみると9年前とあまり変わってないみたいです。南インド料理中心(バターチキンなどもありますが)なので、Mustard とはまた違って軽めで辛めで美味しいと思います。

We had a glass of lime soda each and the total bill was S$83, a little less than S$28 per person.  For the type of a restaurant I thought it seemed more expensive but I checked in my blog and found out that it hasn’t gone up in the last 9 years.  I think they have mainly south Indian (though they do have others like Butter Chicken) so what you get is different from at Mustard – I think lighter and more spicy.  I quite like it.


Except samosas, it was good.  In Singapore, even in food courts you can get quite good Indian.  If you don’t mind the restaurant to be like this (no nice decor or atmosphere) I think Indian food is inexpensive and reliably good in Singapore.  I wouldn’t say I specially recommend this place, I think most of the places around Little India are good.  I’ve been to even more local Indian restaurant before with a friend and it was good, too.


It was very full as I say and very noisy so it was hard to talk to my friends, we couldn’t hear each other very well, so we went on to a cafe in Tanglin Mall.


The Banana Leaf Apolo
56/58 Race Course Road
Singapore 218564
Tel : +65 62971595

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