Holiday In Cape Town & Eastern Cape / Bo-Kaap (Malay Quarter) In Cape Town


There aren’t many places to visit for visitors in the town of Cape Town, as far as I know, there are only 3 major places, Waterfront, The Old Biscuit Mill and Bo-Kaap.  Bo-Kaap is where those who were brought to Cape Town from mainly Indonesia as slaves and their descendants have been living.  They are Muslim and we were told by the guide that they started painting their houses to celebrate it when they were given the right to own houses.  (There are a few different theories but this is what we were told by the guide who was born and brought up here).  The scenery was out of this world in and around Cape Town but the political background is complicated and makes you think a lot.


We enjoy taking cooking classes on holidays and have taken quite a few cooking classes in various places on holidays in the last few years.  Even if we don’t recreate what we learn, I find it great fun to learn their cuisine and you often learn some of their culture, these cooking classes are always very memorable for us.  In Cape Town we took a cooking class of Cape Malay cuisine in a house in this Malay quarter.  Before we started cooking, the husband of the chef took us around in this area, gave us some information about the history, what it was like to be brought up here, then took us to a shop, where they purchase many of the ingredients for the classes.


It was very hot day, I was glad I had a parasol.  Even with a parasol, it was very hot and uncomfortable.  I will write about the cooking class in another post.








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