New Olive Oil


I wasn’t able to upload a post yesterday for a certain reason.  The dinner was Minestrone Soup and a light salad.  I did take a photo of the table before dinner but then forgot to take the soup.  It was just a very ordinary Minestrone soup anyway.


The big news for us is that new olive oil arrived from Umbria, Italy.  For the last few years we have been purchasing extra virgin olive oil from the same olive farm, something we look forward to this time of year.

この何年か送っていただいているのは、10年前にウンブリアに旅行した時に参加したお料理教室が縁で仲良くしていただいているお友達ご紹介のウンブリアの「San Potente 」というオリーブ園のオリーブオイルで、5年ほど前には、このオリーブ園のオリーブフェスティバルにも参加させていただいた思い出深いオリーブ園です。この数年、ウンブリアはオリーブが不作でしたが今年はたくさん採れて、質も良かったそうです。去年と一昨年は随分マイルドなオリーブオイルでしたが、今年は去年、一昨年よりも青っぽい、少し刺激もあるオイルです。わたしは、青っぽいオイルが好みなので嬉しい。昨日着いたので、さっそくパンにつけて、そしてシンプルなトマトとアボカドのサラダにかけていただきました。

The olive farm we get Extra Virgin Olive Oil (DOP) from is San Potente .A friend we made in Umbria about 10 years ago when I took a cooking class (she was the teacher) introduced us to this Olive Farm.  We know them personally, we were at their Olive Oil Festival about 5 years ago and have great memories.  The last couple of years the olive oil in Umbria was milder than usual because of the weather but this year it’s more greeny and you get a little stinging sensation.  I love greeny oil!  We enjoyed it by dipping bread in and also pouring some on a very simple salad of tomato & avocado yesterday.



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