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今日は午前中は美容院に行き、出かけたついでに(出不精なので)食料品の買い物をしましたが、ちょうど美容院が終わったのがお昼ごろだったのでタングリンモールの House Of AnLi でさくっとひとりランチをしました。一人で外で食べるのはあまり好きではないので、こういうときくらいしかしません。クリスマスのデコレーションも飾られていました。

I went to the hairdresser this morning and did food shopping in the afternoon.  As I don’t like going out, specially for food shopping (I used to enjoy food shopping in Japan and in Hong Kong but I hate it here because there aren’t any nice supermarkets, they are all the same and not particularly inspiring) so I try to do it when I need to go out for something else.  I don’t in general enjoy eating out alone but on a day like today I will where convenient.  I went to House Of AnLi in Tanglin Mall.  It was looking festive with Christmas decorations.







I ordered Tartine of Avocado.  I like their salad dressing so enjoy the side salad.  The bread is nice but very tough, it takes you a lot of effort to cut it even with a steak knife.  It’s good enough but such a small portion.  This plate is not particularly a large plate so you can see how small the portion is.  It’s 4.30pm and I’m already very hungry.  I don’t think it’s enough even for a small eater.  And this cost S$16.48!  The service is … let’s say it’s very French (most staff are French, I think).  The decor is very nice, though.  That is the biggest reason I go there.


I ordered Iced lemon water, but it never came.  It doesn’t take long to eat this much and I wasn’t going to linger on my own so I asked one of the staff to cancel the order and went to pay.  I was charged for the water so I had to ask them to cancel the one they charged to my card and try it again.  In Singapore the rate of the restaurants making a mistake on your bill is very high, you should always check it – but I often forget to do so.  They did smile at me but there was no apology from them, glad I wasn’t in a hurry.  (They don’t accept cash so you have to use a credit card or a debit card.)  You sort of get used to this sort of service here.





House of AnLi
#03-17 Tanglin Mall
163 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247933

Tel: 6235 3851




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