Handmade Christmas Card From My Husband



It’s Boxing Day in the UK, but here it’s an ordinary day.  However, my husband’s office is closed this week.  As most British, we always have left-over from Christmas dinner today for lunch.  My husband’s family used to have chips with it so we have done oven chips before but I almost always forget to buy them and forgot again this year.  They aren’t something we have in the freezer as we very seldom have chips at home.  Cold Christmas pudding for dessert as well.


We had to use a different brand of turkey yesterday from previous years (29 years!).  Maybe it has more flavour but to me it was too gamy so I had to have it with cranberry sauce – then it was OK.  Our guests yesterday liked it and took home some leg etc that was left over (since it would have been too much for my husband), the flavour and the smell got even stronger today as it always does, I wonder if they still liked it…


I’ve written about this a few times but my husband now and again surprises me by making a card and he made his Christmas card this year, he even used heat embossing, which is the first for him.  It’s very simple but I like it very much !


The other card here is the one I made for him.


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