Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew

今日夫が作ってくれた夕食は、ジェイミーオリバーの「Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew」。パースニップなどお野菜がたくさん入った赤ワインベースのビーフの煮込みです。少し時間が押しそうだったので、わたしがアシスタントに入り、お野菜の下ごしらえはわたしが担当しました。ビーフはスネ肉を使ったので3時間ほどオーブンで煮込みます。

Today’s dinner my husband cooked was Jamie Oliver’s “Jool’s Favourite Beef Stew”.  It’s based with red wine and has a lot of vegetables like parsnip.  As it looked like we may run late, I helped him and did the preparation for the vegetables.  We used shin of beef so it took about 3 hours in the oven.


In the recipe you put all the vegetables with the beef from the start and cook it for 3 and a half hours, but then the vegetables can become too soft and mushy, so we added half of them from the start and added the other half about an hour before finishing cooking.  When the beef became tender in about 3 hours, most of the vegetables were still keeping their shapes but some were very soft and disintegrated when I pushed lightly with a spatula – I did that on purpose so that it makes the sauce thicker, we like it that way better.  It was really tasty.



I’ve been using the same table cloths for a long time so I decided to choose one that I hadn’t used for a long time.  This is made of denim fabric.  I feel it doesn’t go so well at our home because it’s a little too casual  but I wanted a change.  I used purple table napkins and purple and blue candle containers so they’ll go with the purple hydrangea.





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