Patara Fine Thai Cuisine

お友達お2人とタングリンモールの「Patara Fine Thai Cuisine」でランチをご一緒しました。お1人はお子さんがまだ辛いものが食べられないのでご家族でタイ料理には行けないそうですし、もうお1人はご主人さまが辛いものが苦手でご夫婦で行けないそうなので、こういう機会にタイ料理、というのと、Eatigo というサイトを通して予約を入れるとアラカルトの食べ物が50%引きになるというので決まったのでした。Eatigo については少し前にお友達にお聞きしていましたが、わたしたちが行くレストランはほとんど含まれていないものの、このタイ料理のレストランは丁度わたしたちが行くランチタイムにこの割引が効きました。

I had lunch at “Patara Fine Thai cuisine” in Tanglin Mall with a couple of friends.  One of them has children who cannot eat spicy food and the other friend’s husband cannot handle spicy food so it’s a good opportunity for them to have something spicy.  Also the website “Eatigo” offers 50% discount for all a la carte food for lunch today.  I’ve heard of this site before from a friend but haven’t used it myself, not many restaurants that we go to are on the site but this Thai restaurant is.


We ordered our usual favourites – Olive Rice and Stir-fried Morning Glory With Chilli & Garlic – as well as 3 other dishes (we each chose 1 dish) and a bowl of white jasmine rice.  I think the amount was just about right for 3 of us.  It would be nicer if it were a little more spicy but it’s still good and we enjoyed it.


Mince Chicken Salad.



Papaya Salad (without dried shrimps).



Stir-fried Mince Pork With Basil.



Stir-fried Morning Glory With Chilli and Garlic.



Olive Rice.




We all had Fresh Lime Soda with the meal and tea or coffee afterwards.  The food was discounted by 50% and the resulting bill was just under $50 per person.  The Lunch Set would have been less expensive but their a la cart menu is expensive because the prices at lunch time are the same as dinner time.  Less than S$50 per person is very good.


We were sort of kicked out by the staff around 3.00pm.  Lots of chatting while we enjoyed our lunch.

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