Pasta With Meatballs



My jet-lag has been awful. I feel OK until a little after lunch time, then around 2.00pm or 3.00pm I get so so sleepy.


We had a 4 day weekend from Friday but today is the last day, it went so quickly.

土曜日は、夫が夕食を作ってくれました。パスタのミートボール。今回はわたしがお手伝いしなかったので、ミートボールはかなり大きめ。それでも元の Delia Smith のレシピよりはかなり小さく作ってくれています。長年作ってくれているので、安心の1品。美味しかったです。ご馳走さま!ミートボールが余ったので、昨日のランチにサンドイッチにしました。

On Saturday, my husband cooked Pasta with Meatballs for dinner. Unlike the last time I didn’t help him so meatballs were bigger, they are still smaller than the original Delia Smith’s recipe but bigger than I like. Tasted as good as always, he has been cooking this for many years and it’s always good. We had some meatballs left-over so we made meatball sandwich for lunch yesterday.

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