Fat Prince (Lunch With Friends)

お友達お2人とランチをご一緒しました。お1人とは、夏休み時期前からお目にかかってないのでお久しぶり。お1人はお仕事をされているので、職場近くでということで、「Fat Prince」に行きました。(ずいぶん前に夫と1度ディナーに行ったことがあり、美味しかったのですがメニューの中でわたしが食べられるものの数があまりなかったので再訪していませんでした。)

I had lunch with a couple of friends, I hadn’t seen one of them since before summer holiday time. One of them was working today so we chose a place near her office and tried “Fat Prince”. (I’d been there once for dinner with my husband long time ago. We did like it but there weren’t many items I could eat in their menu so we hadn’t been back.)


We all ordered from the lunch set menu. We chose 2 from meze and 2 from small main dishes. I chose Cashew Nut Hummous and Fried Cauliflower. One friend chose Aubergine Dip and Fried Cauliflower, another friend chose Aubergine Dip and Kale Salad. All very good – although we would have liked less portion of the dips and more pita bread.


Cashew Nut Hummous.


Aubergine Dip. The one in a bowl in the back is the Kale Salad.


Fried Cauliflower.


Small main were served on small thin flat bread. I chose Chicken and Spring Pea Falafel. One friend chose Spring Peak Falafel and Sea Bass. Another friend chose Lamb and Sea Bass. They were saying how delicious Sea Bass was. To be honest, my chicken was a little too powdery, I think, because they didn’t roast the spice, all I could taste was turmeric. The spring pea falafel didn’t seem to have much spices so it was a bit flat. Still they were OK. 


Up to now, we were very surprised how generous the portions were, but we were also very surprised how little portion the dessert was. This spoon is a tiny coffee spoon. It was chocolate mousse, very rich and very sweet so it was actually good that the portion was very small. In fact, I wasn’t able to enjoy it on its own because it was so rich, I ordered espresso.



The food was quite good, the portion is very generous and it was inexpensive (without coffee it was $35 per person). The only problem is that they are extremely slow to serve for lunch time. It was busy so we weren’t expecting to be served very fast but it was really slow. We ordered around 12.45 and I think it was close to 3.00pm by the time the dessert came, so it’s not a place for a quick lunch. There was a long wait between the courses and I was very fully by the time the main came. There were 3 pieces each of both the chicken and the falafel but I just managed to eat 1 each and had to leave the rest. It’s probably the best to go here when you want to drink some wine or beer taking your time because the food is on the salty side (not too salty to enjoy but not very light) and the service is very slow.

Fat Prince
48 Peck Seah Street
Singapore 079317

Tel: 6221 3683

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